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Canada Aims to Touch 1M Immigrants by 2021

Canada is focusing on immigration more than ever, by opening its doors to students, professionals, families and refugees. The Federal Express Entry Program has issued a record number of ITAs this year for Canada’s main economic immigration streams – Federal Skilled Workers Program, Federal...
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Tips to improve your CSR score under Express Entry

Canadian immigration applications are managed through Express Entry using a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The more a candidate’s CRS score, the more their chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency. Candidates have to look beyond eligibility requirements to obtaining...
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8 questions to ask your migration agent

If you are applying for a permanent visa, you should talk to your migration agent and get all the details to ensure that you are in the know whatever happens. A client has to understand the service that they are paying for and how...