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All you need to know about Australian Skilled Immigration Visa

Australia is an exceptionally popular destination for migrants for reasons including better opportunities and living standards amongst others. There are various routes to apply for an Australian visa, including Work Visa, Business Visa, and Family Visa, etc, which one can choose from, to migrate to Australia – the land of dream opportunities.

Skilled Immigration Visa is a popular option for aspirants who cannot access other visa routes. The program allows a skilled worker to apply and gain a permanent Australian Visa basis for their qualifications, work experience, language proficiency, etc. In 2015-16, there were around 128,500 places open and available under the General Skilled Migration Program, also known as SkillSelect.

Skilled Immigration Program is classified under five subclasses. Here are the features and Entitlements

Additionally, a Life-partner, Dependent Children and Dependent Parents can be included in the application under all the above subclasses.

Also, Priority processing arrangements apply to the visa applications received under this category. They determine the order in which the visa department considers the application, irrespective of when they are submitted.


Things you need for Visa Application under SkillSelect:

  • One needs an invitation to apply
  • Applicant’s age should be >18 years and < than 50 years
  • The applicant should nominate an occupation basis for his or her own skills and qualifications. It must be selected as per the occupations mentioned on the Skilled Occupation List(SOL)
  • Applicants need to get their skills assessed by the relevant assessing authority as per their nominated occupation
  • Applicants need a competent English Proficiency Test accreditation (IELTS)
  • A minimum of 60 points on the Point system is required to apply for a Visa
  • Proper health assessment by an impaneled doctor as well as a good character assessment is required.


Skilled Immigration Visa Process


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